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Surfer Magazine featuring Kelly Slater
<--- As seen in the Dec 06' issue of Surfer Magazine with Kelly Slater! --->
Featured in Surfer Magazine

Ding Bag - Protect Your Surf Board With Ding Bag
<p align="center" class="style1"><span class="style2"><font size="1">Ding Bag Protection! Tired of wrapping your board before surfing trips? Frustrated with making damaged surfboard claims with the airlines?Ding Bag is an inexpensive, quick, and easy way to protect your surfboard from dings, cracks, and damage during travel and shipping. ONE SIZE FITS ALL (cut to length)<br>
27' inches wide by 10' 1/2&quot; long, 1/2&quot; tall bubbles</font><font size="1">These bubble wrap bags will help eliminate dings on your surfboard while it's travelling! Just slide your board in the bubble wrap bag and put it in your existing surfboard travel bag or container. These bags will eliminate those stressful last minute wrap jobs and storing balls of ripped up bubble wrap for the trip back home. It lays nicely in your empy surfboard bag when not in use. All for nearly the cost of regular, flat bubble wrap! Convenient, re-usable and best used without wax on boards. Bubbles are designed for expansion during air travel. Patent Pending.</font><font size="1"></font></span></p>